If you appear for the 1st attempt of any CMA exam part in 2021 and do not pass (by the way, that’s rare as 82% of Miles candidates pass in the 1st attempt), Miles will not only support-till-you-pass but also reimburse 30% of your exam fees for the 2nd attempt.
CMA Pass Guarantee

We’re committed to your CMA.

While support-till-you-pass applies without any conditions, just a few conditions for the waiver of exam fees:

1st attempt should be in Jan-Feb 2021 or Apr-Jun 2021 windows

First Attempt

2nd attempt should be in the subsequent testing window

Second Attempt

We Are Confident!

We know you won’t need this as we are confident you’ll pass in the 1st attempt. But then you’d think why this pass guarantee 2021. Well, 2 reasons:

Best in Class

With official IMA-licensed CMA study materials and online test-bank (by Wiley), Varun’s videos and live online training, and Miles’ support, this guarantee reflects Miles’ confidence in helping CMA candidates pass in the 1st attempt.

We’ll win together

Just in case, if you’re amongst the 18% who missed the passing score, we want to tell you that we are in this together, and we have our skin-in-the-game. And, of course, we’ll win together.

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