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    MilesCPA.101 Bootcamp

    Starting July, 2022

    What is the MilesCPA.101 Bootcamp?

    MilesCPA.101 Bootcamp is a one-of-its-kind Bootcamp designed in consultation with the industry experts & public accounting firms (including the Big 4) to ensure job readiness for entry/mid-level roles in:

    1 International Accounting (US GAAP & IFRS)

    2 International Auditing (US GAAS & PCAOB AS)

    3 International Taxation (US Federal Income Tax)

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    Case Studies Case Studies

    Hands on Simulations Hands on Simulations

    CPA Matlab Miles (India's Best CPA Training Institute)
    India's Best CPA Training Institute

    Who is it for & is there a fee?

    MilesCPA.101 Bootcamp is exclusively for
    Miles CPA/CMA candidates

    For final year students/fresh graduate/early-stage professionals who are:

    Pursuing CPA/CMA or CMA with Miles

    Pursuing CPA/CMA with Miles

    Job with a Big 4 / MNCs / Global accounting firms

    Looking for a job with a Big 4/MNCs/ Global accounting firms

    At the end of the first month of the bootcamp, students have the option of appearing for the AICPA online assessment exam and earn an AICPA certificate at an introductory pricing of $100 (INR 7,600 + GST).

    With Miles, it doesn't stop with a single job
    placement, it's a life-long career assistance!

    How is MilesCPA.101 a game-changer?

    MilesCPA.101 Bootcamp | New initiative by Miles Education

    This new initiative by Miles Education is for candidates who are looking for jobs while they are pursuing their CPA/CMA:

    The job opportunity not only allows candidates to fund their studies but also, most importantly, provides them with experience which would really help strengthen their profile when they appear for job interviews post completion of CPA/CMA.

    Miles is providing placement assistance

    The MilesCPA.101 Bootcamp further reinforces Miles' commitment to CPA/CMA candidates - whereby Miles is providing placement assistance even while Pursuing CPA/CMA.

    Career Progression

    Post completion of CPA/CMA, candidates (who get placed on completion of the Bootcamp) can look forward to a career progression with the same firm they have been placed. Alternatively, they can again apply for jobs for Miles CPA/CMA alumni.

    The MilesCPA.101 Bootcamp Advantage!

    CPA Curriculum

    Get a bird's eye view of the CPA curriculum and ensure readiness for entry-level jobs with MNCs/Big 4 /Accounting firms.

    Miles Alumni

    On completion, candidates with the AICPA certificate will be treated as Miles alumni and provided with placement assistance.*

    *Placement guarantee applies only post passing the CPA exams

    We are partnered with 220 + MNCs - including the Big 4s, for training and placements.


    Big 4 & Public Accounting Firms


    F & A Consulting


    Financial Services

    OTHERS (Includes Global Fortune 500)

    Others and Global Fortune 500
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