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What is Miles Accounting.101?

Getting wired to face your US CPA/US CMA journey? We got you covered!

Miles Accounting.101 (Finance and Accounting Basics) is an exclusive pathway program designed for Miles CPA/CMA aspirants to get rid of foundational finance and accounting hiccups and make a propelling start in the US CPA/US CMA program journey!

Are you a CPA/CMA candidate with a non-commerce background?

Are you a CPA/CMA candidate with an accounting degree but have lost touch with accounting basics or struggling with the basic concepts in accounting?

You are in the right place!

Finance & Accounting Basic Program

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Who is it for & is there a fee?

Miles Accounting.101 is exclusively for Miles CPA/CMA candidates AT NO EXTRA COST

This program is primarily aimed at students from a non-accounting background who are facing difficulty in grasping the nuances of the financial concepts in the CPA/CMA program

Also, useful for students who have lost touch with accounting since graduation and/or those who just need a refresher program

Miles Accounting.101 program is absolutely free for Miles CPA/CMA students!

Presenting to you - a core accounting program which covers both financial accounting and cost accounting aspects. The program starts with the 3 golden rules of accounting all the way through preparation of financial statements, in addition to cost accounting concepts.

Prepare journal entries for various business transactions

Understand the various components of financial statements

Prepare Financial statements - Balance sheet, Income statement and Cash flow from a given trial balance

Interpretation of financial statements using ratio analysis

Introduction to cost and management accounting

With Miles, it doesn't stop with a single job placement, it's a life-long career assistance!

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Starting 9th January, 2023

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