Miles CPA offers AICPA Data Analytics & Visualization Certifications to upskill finance & accounting professionals


As organizations become more tech-driven and collect an increasing amount of data, data analysis skills are going to play an increasingly important role in business, making the role of a Data Analyst one of the most important positions in any business structure. Data Analysts help leaders make informed, data-driven decisions to drive the company forward, improve efficiency, increase profits, and achieve organizational goals.

Data analysis skills are in high-demand making it critical for accounting and finance professionals to keep up with this evolving need. So, we developed the Data Analyst Certificate - a comprehensive 2-part certificate program that provides training and practical guidance on data analytics. Participants that complete this training program will make an invaluable contribution to their organization and career.

Earn the Data Analytics Fundamentals and Visualisation Certificate from AICPA (the world's largest accounting body). CPAs and CMAs will also be awarded 20 CPE credit hours.

Standout with Data Analytics digital badges as someone who is committed to your clients’ new emerging technology needs. Add value to your organization, create opportunities for career growth.

To know more about Data Analytics Fundamentals: Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate

To know more about Data Visualization: Data Visualization Certificate


Data Analytics Fundamentals Certificate

  • Determine how the digital transformation and disruption landscape create opportunities across the enterprise
  • Identify the organizational ecosystem needed for becoming a data-driven organization
  • Analyze the life cycle of data and its implications for data-driven decision making

Data Visualization Certificate

  • Formulate a data story with visualizations
  • Identify key stakeholder perspectives
  • Determine organizational data needs


Online Training

Online Training

$1378 $400

  • Online training access valid for 1 year
  • Data Analytics Fundamentals and Visualisation Certificate from AICPA, US
  • Digital badge [for Linkedin]

Data Analytics & Visualization
Robotic Process Automation

Data Analytics & Visualization and Robotic Process Automation

$1947 $400*

  • Online self-study access valid for 1 year
  • Data Analytics Fundamentals, Visualisation and Robotic Process Automation Certificates from AICPA, US
  • Digital badge [for Linkedin]
*$400 is only for students enrolled with Miles. For others, the discounted price is $800