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AICPA Certification Program
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AICPA Certification Program

16th August - 13th September

What is the AICPA Certification Program?

AICPA Certification Program is a one-of-its-kind Bootcamp designed in consultation with the industry experts & public accounting firms (including the Big 4) to ensure job readiness for entry/mid-level roles in:

1International Auditing (US GAAS & PCAOB AS) Level 1 & 2 - For New Staff

2 International Taxation (US Federal Income Tax) Level 1 - For New Staff

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Case Studies Case Studies

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CPA Matlab Miles (India's Best CPA Training Institute)
India's Best CPA Training Institute

Who is it for & is there a fee?

For final year students/fresh graduate/early-stage professionals who are:

Pursuing CPA/CMA or CMA with Miles

Pursuing CPA/CMA with Miles

Job with a Big 4 / MNCs / Global accounting firms

Looking for a job with a Big 4/MNCs/ Global accounting firms

Miles Training Fees
AICPA ASE (Level 2)
AICPA TSE (Level 1)
Less Discount
Net Fees
Grand Total
Fees for Miles Candidates
$645 (INR 51,600)
$735 (INR 58,800)
$897 (INR 71,760)
$483 (INR 38,640)
INR 38,640
Fees for Non-Miles Candidates
INR 47,200(40,000 + GST)
$645 (INR 51,600)
$735 (INR 58,800)
$897 (INR 71,760)
$483 (INR 38,640)
INR 85,840


Placement Guarantee

  • 50% of the AICPA certification fee that you have paid will be refunded if the candidate does not secure a job within 6 months of completion of the certification
  • The refund guarantee will cease to apply once Miles has lined up 3 job interviews for you

With Miles, it doesn't stop with a single job
placement, it's a life-long career assistance!

Miles Offerings

Live Online Training by Miles - 80 hours
[1 month timeline]

AICPA Exam & Certificate*

AICPA Coursework

Placement Assistance by Miles

**In order to earn the AICPA Certificate, candidates must -

  • - have 90% attendance on the sessions.
  • - have scored 70% or more on the final AICPA assessment.

For every reattempt, an additional $100 fee must be paid.

Audit Staff Essentials (ASE)

Level 1 & 2 - For New Staff

Tax Staff Essentials (TSE)

Level 1 - For New Staff


AICPA (American Institute of CPAs)

Audit Staff
Essentials (ASE)

From start to finish, Audit Staff Essentials (ASE) provides the training road map and support your audit staff needs along their career journey. Designed to help your staff master their current position and excel in each phase of their career, this series offers 4 unique levels that cover hands-on technical skills, conceptual expertise, and soft skill training.

Audit Staff Essentials (ASE)


Level 1

Level 1 focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to perform duties commonly assigned to first-year audit staff. Level 1 covers the audit from the firm's perspective. On this level, your staff will learn about the core concepts and the dynamics of in-firm and client relationships.

  • 1.What is an Audit?
  • 2.Nuts and Bolts: Preparation, Compilation, & Review Engagements
  • 3.Introduction to Professional Skepticism - Part I
  • 4.Introduction to Professional Skepticism - Part II
  • 5.Understanding the Audit Process
  • 6.Audit Evidence
  • 7.New Auditor's Role on the Engagement Team
  • 8.Key Character Traits and Interpersonal Skills for Auditors
  • 9.Working Papers and Working Paper Documentation in a Financial Statement Audit
  • 10.Key Character Traits and Interpersonal Skills for Auditors

Tax Staff
Essentials (TSE)

Designed for the ever-changing and complex Level 3 world of tax, this series offers comprehensive training for tax practitioners at varying stages in their careers. The multiple, progressive levels include core business skills and fundamental technical tax topics through to complex tax compliance and planning strategies. The courses focus on real-world issues and solutions providing the relevant technical and professional skills.


Level 1

Level 1 is designed to help beginning staff members develop a strong set of core skills. It focuses on individual and S corporation tax compliance plus professional business communications and more!

  • 1.Tax Research I
  • 2.Individual Tax Fundamentals
  • 3.Capitalized Costs & Depreciation
  • 4.Working Paper Documentation
  • 5.S Corporations: Key Issues, Compliance and Tax Strategies
  • 6.Effective Business Communication
  • 7.Tax Fundamentals of LLCs & Partnerships

How is the AICPA Certification Program a game-changer?

AICPA Certification Program | New initiative by Miles Education

The CPA/CMA programs take about 9-16 months to complete. So this new initiative by Miles Education is for candidates who are looking for jobs while they are pursuing their CPA/CMA - the job opportunity not only allows candidates to fund their studies but also, most importantly, provides them with experience which would really help strengthen their profile when they appear for job interviews post completion of CPA/CMA.

Miles is providing placement gaurantee

The AICPA Certification Program further reinforces Miles' commitment to CPA/CMA candidates - whereby Miles is providing placement guarantee even while Pursuing CPA/CMA.

Career Progression

Post completion of CPA/CMA, candidates (who get placed on completion of the program) can look forward to a career progression with the same firm they have been placed. Alternatively, they can again apply for jobs for Miles CPA/CMA alumni.

The AICPA Certification Program Advantage!

CPA Curriculum

The AICPA Certification Program will provide a bird's eye view of the CPA curriculum and ensure readiness for entry-level jobs with Big 4/MNCs/Accounting firms.

Miles Alumni

On completion of the program, candidates with the AICPA certificate will be treated as Miles alumni and the Miles placement team will schedule interviews for the candidates (i.e., job guarantee).*

CPA Curriculum

Placement Guarantee - if you don’t have a job within 6 months of completion of certification, 50% of the AICPA certification fee that you have paid will be refunded; however, the refund guarantee will cease to apply once Miles has lined up 3 job interviews for you

Miles Alumni

100% Waiver of Miles Training Fee (Savings of INR 47,200)

We are partnered with 220 + MNCs - including the Big 4, for training and placements.


Big 4 & Public Accounting Firms


F & A Consulting


Financial Services

OTHERS (Includes Global Fortune 500)

Others and Global Fortune 500

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AICPA Certification Program

16th August - 13th September

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