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Every company is a technology company, no matter what product or service it provides

… Today,

every company is a data company,

whether they know it or not. The companies that embrace this fact are the ones that shape our world… No company can make, deliver or market its product efficiently without technology and data miles-education-image

To remain relevant, leaders and professionals must understand how technology and data affects their businesses. This does not mean just one idea for a new technology product idea or an app or a new website. It means really understanding how technologies such as AI organically flows through the business and shapes the market and customer demands and supply synergies. Companies that adapt quickly to new technologies gain a foothold on the market.

Professionals who can leverage data, technology and business expertise to reimagine customer experience, new product innovation or bring in business efficiency will be the leaders of tomorrow.

IIM Lucknow & Wiley - Business & Data Analytics

Developed by top faculty at IIML and Wiley along with the Wiley Innovation Advisory Council (WIAC) members and leading industry experts in emerging technologies, the 6-month intensive program implements:

  • A complete experiential learning integrating concepts and its application to context
  • Deep exposure to hands-on use of data and analytics to solve real life problems across multiple industries and enterprise functions

The program integrates classes by:

  • Esteemed IIML faculty
  • Expert Wiley faculty
  • Masterclasses by top industry experts of India
  • Working with labs, various business cases and real-life projects

All of these seek to deliver:

  • Strong expertise in the power of data
  • Foundation in technologies for exploring and analyzing data
  • Practice in communicating insights from data
  • Exposure to applying machine learning algorithms in various business scenarios
  • Ultimately converting a business problem to analytics problem thereby helping build business processes and strategies underpinned by technology.
Program for Mid Level Managerial Roles
Program for Mid Level Managerial Roles

Program Outcomes

  • Competence to solve business problems with data and analytics
  • Ability to integrate data analytics, technology, domain knowledge and business expertise for driving business growth and efficiency in a digital economy
  • Skill to apply actionable analytics in varied enterprise operations and industry verticals
  • Proficiency in analyzing data and use machine learning algorithms

The only executive education program to holistically converge Data Analytics, Technology, Domain and Business Expertise for leaders of the digital economy

Program Outcome

About the Program

3-days immersion learning

6-days immersion learning at IIML Noida Campus

Live Online Class Sessions

Live Online Class Sessions by Top IIML and Wiley Faculty

10 Masterclasses

10 Masterclasses by Top Industry Experts and Thought Leaders providing Exposure to Actionable Analytics

Hands-On Learning

Completely Hands-On Learning with Labs, Case Studies and Project Work

Online Courseware

Online Courseware and eBooks Library from Wiley by Top Global Authors

Local Classrooms

Facility for Local Classrooms for In-Class Learning Experience and Peer Interactions

Industry Ratified Curriculum

Cutting Edge, Industry Ratified Curriculum based on industry Needs Co-developed by IIML and Wiley Innovation Advisory Council Top Industry Leaders 

Joint Certification from IIML and Wiley and IIML MDP Alumni Status

Joint Certification from IIML and Wiley and IIML MDP Alumni Status

The Learning Experience

Immersion Learning at
IIML Campus

Program orientation and classes at IIML Noida Campus for 3 days in Month 1 and Month 6 each (total 6 days). Participants will participate in sessions conducted by top faculty and thought leaders at the IIML campus and along with an experience of the campus. Accommodation will be provided during the immersion.

Live Online Classes

Post immersion sessions, live online classes will be conducted by IIML and Wiley faculty for 4 Hours Per Week. These will also include masterclasses by industry experts. Classes will be conducted through technology aided platform which allow interaction with the faculty.

Access to Wiley
Learning Resources

For reference, participants will have access to courseware including videos, assessments and study material on Wiley LMS. Printed study guides and access to eBooks library by Wiley will also be included.

Labwork and Case Studies

Following the pedagogy of hands- on learning, almost every session will include labwork. Access to Labs for hands on practice in using Python, Tableau Public will be provided along with business cases and datasets. Masterclasses will include business cases.


The program provides deep exposure to actual industry applications of concepts through masterclasses conducted by Top Industry Experts and Thought Leaders in areas of retail, marketing, finance, IT, healthcare and others. These also includes case studies and post class work.

Project Work, Action
Learning, Peer Learning

The experiential learning methodology will include working on end to end business project across industry verticals, with mentorship from faculty and industry experts. The program will provide opportunity to work with peers from varied backgrounds in teams.

Valediction Ceremony at IIML Noida Campus

Conducted on the final day of the immersion in the 6th month.

Value Add of the Program

Benefits for Participants

  • Experience Learning from Top Class Faculty
  • Learning from and interaction with 10+ top business leaders of Wiley Innovation Advisory Council in AI and analytics
  • Hands-on and contextual learning through numerous labs, case studies, business scenarios from experts
  • Real world project work with mentors
  • World class global courseware from Wiley
  • Cross learning with experienced professionals from various industries as peers
  • Joint Certification and MDP Alumni Status
  • Internal and external career opportunities

Benefits for Organizations

  • Exposure of participants to actionable analytics and solutions in multiple industries and across enterprise for driving growth and efficiency via mastercalsses with top industry and business leaders
  • Ability of participants to convert business problems to analytics problems and drive solutions
  • Ability of candidates to work hands-on with data to make data- driven decisions
  • Excellent opportunity to upskill potential employees to build capabilities for digital economy
Benefits for Organizations

Program Curriculum

  • Module 1Modules header arrow

    Orientation and Introduction
    to Data Analytics

  • Module 2Modules header arrow

    Statistics for Data Analytics

  • Module 3Modules header arrow

    Data Handling

  • Module 4Modules header arrow

    Exploratory Analysis

  • Module 5Modules header arrow

    Big Data Analytics
    and Data Visualization

  • Module 6Modules header arrow

    Machine Learning Techniques

  • Module 7Modules header arrow

    Predictive Modeling Techniques
    and Exposure to Deep Learning

  • Module 8Modules header arrow

    Analytics across Enterprise
    Operations and Industries

  • Modules header arrow

    Capstone Project
    and Presentation

    • List of MasterclassesModules header arrow
      • AI and Emerging Technologies: Blockchain, RPA, IoT
      • Analytics and AI-Led Strategies for CXOs
      • Marketing Analytics
      • Digital Analytics: Image, Text, Video and Voice Analytics
      • Analytics for Retail and Ecommerce
      • Analytics for Finance and Accounting
      • Analytics for Insurance and Fintech
      • Customer Analytics
      • Risk Analytics and
      • IT operation analytics, spend analytics, predictive asset maintenance
      • Analytics in Healthcare Business

*The program curriculum is subject to change and the final curriculum will be available during the application process

Key Information

1Tenure of the program6 months
2Total course time156 hours
3Total teaching hours132 hours (84 hours online + 48 hours in campus)
4Per week duration of online classes4 hours
5Number of in-campus immersion sessions6 days (months 1 and 6)
6Venue for the immersion sessionsIIML campus Noida
7Project work duration24+ hours (month 6)
8Masterclasses (by industry experts)10+ sessions
9Program feesINR 1,99,000 plus GST

Joint certification by IIML and Wiley

Important Dates

Program Commencement: Coming Soon

Program Directors

Dr. Ashish DubeyDr. Ashish Dubey is a Faculty Member in Marketing Area of IIM Lucknow. His teaching and research interests include Retailing, Sales and Distribution and Supply Chain Management. He has a PhD in Management from SJM School of Management, IIT Bombay. Prior to joining academics, he has worked in Industry at different positions in India as well as abroad. He also has keen academic interest in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups.

Dr. Garima MittalDr. Garima Mittal is a faculty member in the Decision Sciences Area of IIM, Lucknow. She has a Ph. D. in Operational Research from University of Delhi. Her area of specialization is Operations Research with research interests in prescriptive analytics, multi-criteria decision making, mathematical modelling, fuzzy optimization and soft computing techniques. Her research articles have been published in international journals of repute.

About IIM L

The Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIM L) is one of the premier business schools in India. From the sprawling 185 acres campus, the Institute offers world-class education in major areas of management and provides an ambience for genuine intellectual pursuit, excitement and professional growth.

The Institute’s carefully designed and high impact Management Development Programmes train business leaders, senior executives, and practicing managers from various sectors of the economy in all disciplines of management education and thought. The Institute provides cooperation and support to Industry and the Government through its large number of prestigious Consulting Assignments and Research Projects. The Institute has an internationally acclaimed Postgraduate Programme in Management, Agri-business Management, & Fellow Programme in Management known for its quality, rigor and global orientation.

The Noida campus, as an extension of IIM Lucknow, has been established to provide globally competitive management education to the professionals. In addition to these, the Institute has launched distance learning programmes (e-MDPs), besides many other short duration programmes.

Wiley – The Global Leader in Learning Solution

200 years of excellence

200 Years of Excellence

470+ Nobel Laureates have published in Wiley journals

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Global Presence

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Serving Learners

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  • 20,000 learning objects
  • 4000 global experts

Accelerate Discover, Validation

  • 1600 journals
  • 226 million full text downloads per year
  • 1200 society partners
  • 15 million member researchers

Total Program Expense

IIM Lucknow & Wiley - Executive Education Program in Business & Data Analytics
Tuition Fees - Includes Study Materials, Immersions at IIM-L, Industry Masterclasses, Online Classes ₹ 199,000
GST @18% ₹ 35,820
Total (including GST @18%) ₹ 234,820
IIM Lucknow MDP Alumni Fees (one-time)
IIM Lucknow MDP Alumni Membership Fee₹ 10,000
GST @18% ₹ 1,800
Total (including GST @18%) ₹ 11,800

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