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Miles cma testimonial by Pranav
Pranav Shah Pranav Shah, cma of Student Linkedin Profile

I got to know about US CMA from my friend and its global acceptance as well as exam pattern encouraged me to go for it. My Experience with Miles was so good. All the staff and faculties are very frien...

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Miles cma testimonial by Ronak
Ronak Bhatt Ronak Bhatt, cma of Navkar Consultancy Services Linkedin Profile
Navkar Consultancy Services

I am grateful for the continuous guidance and support of the faculty who helped me pass my CMA exams. When I first enquired about CMA, it seemed too difficult to achieve such high passing grades along...

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Miles cma testimonial by Sanchita
Sanchita Sachdeva Sanchita Sachdeva, cma of Sarens Heavy List India  Linkedin Profile
Sarens Heavy List India

It was great learning at Miles. Taking out time to study US CMA along with an existing job proved to be a challenge but the study materials of Miles came in handy. The teachers have been great and ver...

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Miles cma testimonial by Jayaprakash
Jayaprakash Maheswari Jayaprakash Maheswari, cma of Grant Thornton Linkedin Profile
Grant Thornton

I got to know about CMA at the time I just passed the 12th. I needed a certification that adds value to my career and I just got the right one. Miles video lectures and Wiley material have helped me e...

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Miles cma testimonial by Mruhi
Mruhi Shah Mruhi Shah, cma of Thakkar & Patel CA Linkedin Profile
Thakkar & Patel CA

I am so grateful that I join Miles for US CMA. The quality of teaching and support and guidance by Miles team is very useful. Miles mainly focus on conceptual clarity rather than reading. Even OTB an...

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Miles cma testimonial by Akash
Akash Bahl Akash Bahl, cma of    Linkedin Profile

My experience with Miles was fantastic. I was looking for a professional course which could be completed within a short span of time while also adding value to my career. US CMA seemed to answer all t...

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Miles cma testimonial by Yash
Yash Ahuja Yash Ahuja, cma of Rajarshi Shri Shahu College Linkedin Profile
Rajarshi Shri Shahu College

Overall Journey with Miles was very satisfying, Varun's Videos are fantastic, the classes and course is designed in very systematic manner and it makes CMA studies fun. Faculties and staff are v...

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Miles cma testimonial by Nishanth
Nishanth G Nishanth G, cma of EY Linkedin Profile

It has been a great experience with the Miles Education team as a whole. Be it the trainers, the IT Team or the student relation team, all have been supportive and are in an instant reach almost all t...

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Miles cma testimonial by Mohammad
Mohammad Faiyaz Mohammad Faiyaz, cma of Invesco Ltd Linkedin Profile
Invesco Ltd

I was looking for a professional course which can be completed in less duration and adds value to my career. Then I found CMA and started with it. Being Certified CMA opens up to career growth. So asp...

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Miles cma testimonial by Arihant
Arihant Bhansali Arihant Bhansali, cma of PwC SDC (Kolkata) Pvt Ltd Linkedin Profile
PwC SDC (Kolkata) Pvt Ltd

Through Indian CMA program I came to know about IMA. I decided to do CMA (US) because of its global presence. My journey with Miles is bit different. I opted for Self-study with Miles material and tru...

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Miles cma testimonial by Krish
Krish Riyaz Krish Riyaz, cma of Oracle India Private Liimited Linkedin Profile
Oracle India Private Liimited

CMA came to my knowledge when I was looking for the best options to upskill myself. I found Miles CMA Review very professional, right from the admission process, the classes, the support provided duri...

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Miles cma testimonial by Anushya
Anushya P Anushya P, cma of Christ University Linkedin Profile
Christ University

Since my college was offering the course, I decided to give it a shot, knowing that a CMA qualification will boost my chances of securing a good master's admission abroad and also, a good job later on...

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