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Be a US CPA by Mar 2016! Batches starting in Mumbai (Mar 22), Pune (Apr 5), Chennai (Apr 12), Hyderabad (Apr 12), Delhi (Apr 19), Bangalore (Apr 26), Kochi (May 24), Ahmedabad (May 31) and Kolkata (Jun 7). To enroll, mail to info@milescpareview.com or visit our city office

Miles CPA Review provides thorough training and guidance to enable Indian candidates to clear the CPA exams in the US.

AMAZING NEWS: W.e.f. 1-Oct-2014, Indian candidates can take the CPA exams at Middle East centers - including Dubai! US travel is no more required!

Dear CPA Prospect,

Many of us have heard of the US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) but few of us are aware that we too can be part of this elite group having the highest accounting qualification in the US. It does take hard work to pass the CPA exam, but that effort lasts merely 1000 hours of smart study over as less as 11 months and simply 4 exams over say 14 days.

On clearing my under-graduation in commerce, I joined Deloitte Financial Advisory Services where I came to know of the CPA course and immediately decided to pursue it. However, my experience wasn't a good one. The US-based CPA review course I was enrolled into charged me a hefty price for zero instructor interactivity and minimal guidance. I did a lot of general reading from various sources for conceptual understanding and clarity to ensure that I was prepared for the exams.

After passing my CPA exams in May 2007, I received an offer from Morgan Stanley Investment Banking division in Mumbai (certainly with a multi-fold hike in paycheck!). Working there with a team comprising of CAs and MBAs, I realized the value-addition the CPA course had given me. Not only did it reward me with international credentials in record time but it also enlightened me with knowledge of accounting & financial concepts which I applied on my day-to-day work. I was rated amongst the highest-performing bankers on the floor, and in just 18 months I had created my way to join the Morgan Stanley team of real estate investment bankers in London - a dream come true for most CAs and IIM-passouts and definitely a milestone in my career.

So what did I do next? No, I didn't go to London or to Dubai (where I had an offer from another global i-bank).

I realized that commerce graduates in the country deserve more than what they are acknowledged for, and tried to analyze whether it is credential or knowledge that is holding them back? I said both, and thereupon started my journey to create Miles, a CPA review course in India with a CPA instructor, handwritten course materials and classroom teaching to get to the heart of what Indian CPA candidates really need to know to successfully clear the Uniform CPA Examinations and earn their CPA designation.

So friends, there's no more time to wait or waste, you've got Miles to be a CPA.

Varun Jain, CPA, CMA
Founder & National Instructor
Miles CPA Review

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Indians can now take CPA exams @Dubai!

Be a US CPA by March 2016!

Batches starting in Mumbai (Mar 22), Chennai (Apr 12), Pune (Apr 5), Hyderabad (Apr 12), Delhi (Apr 19), Bangalore (Apr 26), Ahmedabad (May 31) , Kolkata (Jun 7) and Kochi (May 24).


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About us

Miles CPA Review is an initiative by Varun Jain, CPA, with the vision of training and guiding Indian students & professionals in obtaining the internationally-acclaimed CPA designation which would add to their knowledge base, enhance their credibility and give them a global perspective

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For more info on the CPA career, Indian CPA candidates and Miles CPA Review courses & students, read our blogs !

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Candidate Profile

Most of our candidates and alumni work with the Big 4 and major MNCs across sectors including (but not limited to) Banking, Financial services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Real Estate.

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"... it has been a fantastic journey and a fun one too! Miles made a long, arduous journey, simple and walked alongside me right through! Thank you Varun and Miles! But I don't think a "Thank you" can do justice at all!"
- Rohan Todarwal

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