CPA (US) vs. CA (India)

CPA (US) is equivalent to CA (India) with lesser papers and exams. Students can earn the same level of knowledge and greater credibility by pursuing CPA

CPA exams are conducted by AICPA whereas CA exams are conducted by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India).

CPA provides broader acceptance, with recognition across the globe. In contrast, CA is recognized only in India and the Middle East.

CPA covers US GAAP & IFRS, while CA covers Indian GAAP. The primary motive for developing IFRS by IASB is to develop a single set of high quality, understandable, enforceable and globally accepted financial standards based upon clearly articulated principles.

CPA syllabus covers IFRS extensively and gives a very good comparison between US GAAP and IFRS. It also gives guidance as how to convert financial statements from US GAAP to IFRS. CA syllabus has very few insights on IFRS and students need to go through a separate course on IFRS and conversion of financial statements from Indian GAAP to IFRS. With a steep increase in the number of multinational companies there is a lesser supply of CPAs as required by them.

Passing percentage of CPA is quite high compared to CA so it is a motivation for the students to approach for the CPA course.


Institute American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA), US Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI), India
Course Duration 1 year 4-5 years
Accounting Standards US GAAP, IFRS Indian GAAP
Recognition US, India & Global India
Academics 4 Papers, Single-Level Exam 16 Papers, 3-Level Exam
Work-ex 1 Year in Accounting/Finance 3 Years Articleship under CA
Passing % 40-45% approx. 5-6% approx.

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